The science behind Polident Adhesive

Dual polymer system

Polident adhesives’ dual polymer system is designed to maintain denture performance when individual patient factors limit retention.

Polident fixative dual polymer system consists of two ingredients: carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and polyvinyl methyl ether/maleic acid (PVM/MA).

  • Two polymers are activated on contact with saliva, expand and cross-link to create an elastic polymer network
    • This elastic network can resist both tensile forces and shear stresses
  • Increasing both retention and stability of the denture2
Polident Adhesive effects

Maintaining denture performance

The Polident denture adhesive dual polymer system is designed to maintain denture performance when patients need it the most.

*vs. no fixative†vs. no fixative, after 1 hour


Poligrip Fixative Science

Oral tissue after 12 hours of agitation with poppy seeds and acrylic disks in laboratory tests

Polident adhesive reduces irritation to gingival tissue from trapped food particles

In an in vitro model, a Polident adhesive reduced the impact of trapped food particles on gingival tissue.7

Polident adhesives help improve denture performance

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