Dentistry rising to the challenge

Dentistry rising to the challenge

Fast evolving dental care, real-world insights, tips & inspiration. View our mini video series

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GSK Response to COVID-19

GSK is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and supporting global efforts to tackle the virus.

Since the outbreak, we have been actively exploring ways to help, with our science and expertise, alongside protecting the health and wellbeing of our people and managing our global supply chains to support patients and consumers who depend on our products.

Staying strong

Oral health

Building mental resilience in pharmacy teams

Pharmacy teams have been on the frontline during the pandemic. This has had a big impact on their mental health and wellbeing and GSK wants to help. We are sharing the lessons learned from coping with COVID-19 and exploring how they could help pharmacists build mental resilience for the future.

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Recognising innovation in dental care: video stories

Recognising innovation in dental care: video stories

In this video series, we showcase the resilience, passion and adaptability of the dental profession as it responds to new guidelines as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Supporting the Mental and Emotional Health of Dental Health Professionals

We’ve teamed up with Health Psychologist, Dr Koula Asimakopoulou of Kings College London, to develop a series of videos that support the mental resilience of dental health professionals worldwide.

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Covid-19 Mini Video Series from Sensodyne

The Sensodyne Covid-19 mini video series is co-created with dentists and provides a platform for them to communicate essential advice to patients throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

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BMA Covid-19 guidance graphic

BMA COVID-19 Guidance

If you have questions regarding the impact of COVID-19 on your work, training or education, review guidance from the British Medical Association here.

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COVID-19 & Mindfulness

For mindfulness resources to support healthcare professionals treating patients with COVID-19, visit The Mindfulness Initiative here.

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GSK Working Together

GSK’s website for dental health professionals to access patient resources during COVID-19.

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GSK’s work with the FGDP

GSK partnered with the FGDP to provide return to practice guidelines following COVID-19

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What you should know about paracetamol and COVID-19

What you should know about Paracetamol and COVID-19

Learn more about paracetamol and its suitability for treating COVID-19.

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