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GSK - Health Partner

A world leader in providing specialist solutions in oral health, pain relief and respiratory health our science-based products include Sensodyne, Corsodyl, Voltarol, Panadol and Piriton. This site contains information about our products to support healthcare professionals in daily practice.

Nexium Control Overview

Learn more about Nexium Control and how it provides 24 hour protection from frequent heartburn with just one pill a day.

Nexium Control Science

Nexium Control contains esomeprazole, a Proton Pump inhibitor (PPI) for relief of frequent heartburn. Discover the science behind Nexium with GSK Health Partner.

Wellness products I GSK Health Partner

GSK has a range of products which are designed to help patients to maintain wellness through self care. Learn more at GSK Health Partner.

Frequent Heartburn – Overview

Frequent heartburn is a common condition which can have a number of triggers. Find out more at GSK Health Partner