Strontium acetate formulation

Strontium acetate formulation accelerates occlusion of exposed dentine tubules3

Sensodyne Rapid Action delivers strontium ions to the dentine surface to help build a robust and substantive protective layer

The occlusive layer formed by Sensodyne Rapid Action is resistant against dietary acidic challenge(s)3

In Situ SEM image of dental tubules

The Sensodyne Rapid Action strontium acetate formulation forms a deep, acid-resistant plug within the dentinal tubules

After treatment with strontium acetate formulation, a ~20µm deep occlusive plug with dentinal tubes is formed.4

Clinically proven relief, works in just 60 seconds.5,6

Rapid Action

Sensodyne Rapid Action toothpaste

Sensodyne Rapid Action toothpaste is powered by strontium acetate in a unique formulation that accelerates occlusion of exposed dentine tubules.1,2

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