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Pain management remains a challenge in most of the world, but together we can stand against pain. As experts in pain management, you see firsthand the serious effect that pain can have on your patients. We’re committed to helping you understand the true impact of pain and providing resources for treatment and management.Join GSK Health Partner to access resources and be part of the community.

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Gaining a measure of the problem through the Global Pain Index (GPI)

The GPI survey of more than 24,000 people across 24 countries showed that pain is a significant problem with a real impact on people's lives.1 Understanding pain will help us find solutions and pave the way towards improved patient outcomes.

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Help patients find the right solution for them

As trusted experts in pain management, we invite you to join us to help improve outcomes for those living with pain, by recognising everyday pain conditions and helping to select the right treatment for pain types.




Our overviews of common pain conditions explore the causes, signs, symptoms, and impact of each condition, and summarize the latest evidence-based management recommendations.




Find out how our class-leading treatments can help your patients manage their everyday pain.

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Patient Care

Patient care resources

Access educational resources to share with your patients, to help them have a better understanding of their pain condition.