The science behind Panadol

Science continues to evolve and improve health and well-being in many ways. We are committed to innovative scientific research and discovery to help people do more, feel better and live longer. 1

Paracetamol chemical structure


Paracetamol or acetaminophen is one of the most used analgesic and antipyretic over-the-counter drugs globally.2

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Paracetamol + caffeine chemical structure

Caffeine + paracetamol

Combination of paracetamol a popular over-the-counter drug used for pain relief and fever with caffeine, an analgesic adjuvant to effectively handle tough pains such as migraines,3 and menstrual cramps.4

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Bi-layer technology

Revolutionary bi-layer technology

Discover more about the bi-layer technology of Panadol Extend that allows rapid and sustained pain relief.

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panadol safety and suitability

Find out the facts about the suitability and efficacy of paracetamol

Get all your questions about the suitability and efficacy of paracetamol answered. Watch our series of videos to help you make the best pain relief choices for patients, including those with CVD, diabetes and hypertension.

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