An older blonde woman wearing glasses inspects medicines in a medicine cabinet.

Helping patients to store medicines the right way

The safe storage of medicines in the home, such as pain relief medicines, is essential. We know that people are seeking advice online for how to correctly store medicines with average monthly searches reaching over 23,000.1 Common questions searched by the public include: Where to store infant medicines? What is a medicine box?

It’s important that the public are aware of how they should be storing their non-prescription medicines, for example, keeping them out of reach from children and pets, not storing them in common places such as the bathroom and ideally following labeled storage instructions.

Your customers or patients should also understand how long it is safe to store medicines for, and where they can go to find this information.

To help aid these conversations you might initiate with your patient or customers, we’ve created a downloadable explainer that illustrates simple DO’s and DON’Ts for storing everyday medicine. It addresses the most common questions such as:

  • Should medicines be stored after their expiry date? 
  • How much medicine should be stored at home? 
  • Where’s the right place to store them? 
  • How can I keep medicines safely stored away from children?
  • How can I keep medicines away from pets?
  • What’s the best container for storing medicines?
  • Should I use a medicine cabinet to store medicines?

Download and print this explainer to share with your customers or patients or use it to prompt a conversation about the right way to store medicines.


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