Getting Mouthy About Sensitivity

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Getting Mouthy about Dentin Hypersensitvity?

This Contributor Network article, written by your peers, will address the many reasons why patients avoid dentin hypersensitivity diagnosis, and ways you can get them to open up about it. Making a proactive diagnosis of dentin hypersensitivity can help strengthen your professional relationship with your patient. Strengthening a dental professional and patient relationship starts with talking about their pain, and identifying ways you can help. Patients are experiencing real pains and can benefit from the solutions that you offer once you get them to start talking.  This article talks about how fostering a patient centered business approach is important and details the five essential components in aiding that approach. We provide tips on how to deal with the increasing move toward remote, telephone, and online interactions and the opportunities this has created. 

Download this contributor network document to find out more on the essential components of a patient centered approach from Professor Barry Gibson, and tips for remote consultations from Dr.  Asimakopoulou.


Understanding the psychology of the dentin hypersensitivity patient

Understanding The Psychology Of The Dentin Hypersensitivity Patient

Do patients and dentists think dentin hypersensitivity is a minor oral health condition issue or a chronic condition? This article asks whether it is time to reappraise the condition in order to help patients and also strengthen the dentist-patient relationship.

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CN Talking – The First Step To Trusting

Talking – The First Step To Trusting 

For some patients dental visits are stressful. Could talking about issues at the mild end of the oral health spectrum, like sensitive teeth, help patients feel more comfortable? Find out more in this article.

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Tooth Loss – A Pivot Point For Future Oral Care

Tooth Loss – A Pivot Point For Future Oral Care

First tooth loss is an important psychological moment for patients. This article considers how dental practitioners can support patients at this pivotal moment in order to help protect remaining dentition.

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