Life's Too Short To Put Up With Sensitivity - HCP Resource

4 Categories of patients

A Practical Guide to Helping Patients with Sensitivity

This educational resource was designed for our healthcare professionals to understand their patients’ potential difficulty coping with dentin hypersensitivity. Many patients have already modified their behavior or learned to cope with the pain that dentin hypersensitivity has caused. Some adaptive behaviors may lead patients to: avoid, adapt, compromise, and tolerate.1 This downloadable resource provides supporting statistics on how often your patients may be using adaptive behaviors and why. You can help your patients get the most out of their life by raising the issue of sensitivity.

This resource designed for health care professionals offers examples of questions you can ask your patient to legitimize their DH diagnosis. It also has helpful tips for dental professionals to consider when treating a patient. Quotes from renowned professors Barry Gibson and Koula Asimakoipolu give advice on showing that DH diagnosis is important for you and your patients.  Let your patient know that life’s too short for sensitivity. Download this document to share with your patient today.