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GSK funded

GSK funded study

As a pioneering company in enamel care, GSK is proud to support relevant academic research.

GSK have funded a series of two studies in relation to erosive tooth wear. The first article has been published on the JADA website. The study investigated whether dental patients within the US would identify the signs of enamel erosion when shown images of varied wear and how this compared to their ability to identify the signs of dental caries.

The second study is currently in progress.

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FDI World Dental Federation Logo

FDI World Dental Federation

GSK is a proud corporate partner of the FDI World Dental Federation and supports key FDI initiatives, such as the Global Periodontal Health Project and the Oral Health Observatory.

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International Association for Dental Research

GSK believes in the IADR mission to advance research and increase knowledge for the improvement of oral health worldwide and has proudly sponsored the IADR ‘The Innovation in Oral Care Award’ for 15 years.

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American Dental Education Association Logo

American Dental Education Association

GSK supports the ADEA as a Corporate Partner and sponsors the ADEA/GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Preventive Dentistry Scholarships.

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American Association for Dental Research Logo

American Association for Dental Research

GSK is proud to be a corporate member of AADR, the largest division of the International Association for Dental Research.

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