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Resources For Health Professionals | GSK Health Partner

Learn about GSK Health Partner, which develops and markets consumer preferred and expert recommended brands in oral health, pain relief and more.

Specialty Toothbrushes

GSK has launched a range of specialty toothbrushes designed for specific patient needs from Sensodyne, Pronamel and Parodontax. Learn more with GSK Health Partner today

Poligrip and Polident Overview | GSK Oral Health Partner

Poligrip denture adhesive and Polident denture cleanser are designed for optimal denture performance and help maintain dental hygiene.

Poligrip Science: Denture Adhesive | GSK Health Partner

Find out how Poligrip denture adhesive fixative dual polymer system works to stabilize, secure, and ensure optimal denture performance.

Polident Science: Denture Cleansers | GSK Oral Health Partner

Find out how Polident's 4 in 1 denture cleaning system kills odor-causing bacteria and improves denture hygiene, while maintaining proper denture care.