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Information on COVID-19 for Healthcare Professionals

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, GSK has been actively exploring ways to help, with our science and expertise, alongside protecting the health and wellbeing of our people and managing our global supply chains to support patients and consumers who depend on our products.

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Access videos and clinical research summaries.

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The specialist dual action toothpaste with a clinically proven ingredient to relieve sensitivity and improve gum health.

Sensodyne Sensitivity & Gum is a specialist dual action toothpaste for patients with dentin hypersensitivity and early gum problems.

Find out more about how our dual action formula can help relieve tooth sensitivity and improve gum health.

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Provide your patients with a product sample when you make your expert recommendation to encourage them to make changes for better oral health.

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Our overviews cover the causes and mechanisms behind oral health issues, look at the impact they have on patients’ quality of life, and highlight the guidelines on diagnosis and management.


Various Sensodyne Products


Find out how our tailored products can help your patients with oral health issues and conditions.


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Access educational resources for you to share with your patients, to improve their understanding about their oral health.

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