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Please complete the form below to request samples for your practice. Sample order quantities are at GSK's discretion.

Please note: Any changes to your practice shipping information will require us to revalidate you as a healthcare professional. All accounts must be validated before GSK will process a sample order.

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Ultra Clean

Corsodyl Ultra Clean

  • 60000000112780
  • Corsodyl Ultra Clean
  • 003|004|005|006|007|002
Repair & Protect

Sensodyne Repair & Protect

  • 60000000103964
  • Sensodyne Repair Protect
  • 003|004|005|006|007|002
Rapid Relief

Sensodyne Rapid Relief

  • 60000000107992
  • Sensodyne Rapid Relief
  • 003|004|005|006|007|002
Extra Fresh

Pronamel Extra Fresh

  • 60000000014663
  • Pronamel Extra Fresh
  • 003|004|005|006|007|002

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Unfortunately samples can only be ordered by registered healthcare professionals

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