Osteoarthritis (OA) Treatment

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Treating OA

According to the most recent American College of Rheumatology (ACR) OA treatment guidelines, healthy habits like exercising and losing excess weight are first-line defenses against OA.

The use of a topical NSAID like Voltaren Arthritis Pain gel OTC is also recommended for both OA of the knee and hand.1

The ACR guidelines give more advice about the treatment of OA.

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Treatment options

Other important treatment guidelines for:

Hand OA include exercise, self-management programs, and other non-drug pain management techniques.1

Knee OA include weight loss, exercise, like tai chi, yoga, and canes or knee braces.1

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United States with OA patients

Who gets OA?

A look at which patients suffer most often.

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Knee pain

Where does OA come from?

A look at the underlying causes of OA.

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How is Voltaren® Arthritis Pain gel OTC different?

Learn the differences between Voltaren® Arthritis pain and the prescription version.

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Drug Facts

Voltaren® Arthritis Pain gel OTC Drug Facts

The drug facts contain all you need to know about dosing and administration.

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How does Voltaren® Arthritis Pain gel OTC relieve pain?

The science behind Voltaren® Arthritis Pain and its MOA.

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How does Voltaren® Arthritis Pain gel OTC work?

See how effective Voltaren® Arthritis Pain is on OA of the knee.

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