Sensodyne Science: Rapid Relief Powered by Stannous Fluoride

Stannous fluoride formulation accelerates occlusion of exposed dentin tubules

The unique formulation with active stannous fluoride and inactive ingredient polymer accelerates occlusion of dentin tubules by:2

  • Providing additional bio-adhesion within dentin tubules*3
  • Forming a gel-like scaffold to hold the stannous in place

Study summary

Representative FIB-SEM image of dentine tubules

The Sensodyne Rapid Relief stannous fluoride formulation occludes exposed dentin tubules, helping prevent the movement of fluid4,5

Representative FIB-SEM image of dentin tubules treated with Sensodyne Rapid Relief, combining multiple imaging techniques (STEM-EDS, DSIMS, FIB-SEM/EDS). The stannous fluoride formulation is shown to extend into the dentin tubules.4,5

DSIMS, dynamic secondary ion mass spectrometry; FIB-SEM/EDS, focused ion beam scanning electron microscope/energy-dispersive spectroscopy; STEM-EDS, scanning transmission electron microscope energy-dispersive spectroscopy 

Clinical summary

Clinically proven sensitivity relief in 3 days with twice daily brushing1

Rapid relief

Sensodyne Rapid Relief toothpaste

Sensodyne Rapid Relief toothpaste is engineered for speed. It is powered by a unique formula with stannous fluoride that accelerates occlusion of exposed dentin tubules, providing sensitivity relief in just 3 days with twice daily brushing.1

Sensodyne – #1 Dentist recommended brand for sensitive teeth8

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