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Designed to help maintain denture performance for everyday life

The transition from natural teeth to dentures can be challenging, with new patients often having unrealistic expectations for their dentures.1,2                     

The Polident and Poligrip brands help to maintain optimal denture hygiene and performance for people with dentures.

Poligrip denture adhesive helps:3-5

  • Improve retention
  • Increase stability
  • Protect against food entrapment
  • Increase bite force
  • Improve patient comfort

Polident denture cleanser helps:6-8

  • Maintain denture hygiene
  • Kills 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria*
  • Minimize scratching which helps reduce bacteria colonization

*in laboratory tests

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Individual medical, physical and psychological factors can all have an impact on well-fitting denture performance

Factors affecting denture performance

Individual medical, physical and psychological factors can all have an impact on well-fitting denture performance

  • In a study, up to 48% of denture wearers suffer from xerostomia9
  • Up to 67% of full denture wearers have denture stomatitis*11

*Polident is not indicated for treatment of stomatitis

Food trapped under dentrures
  • Up to 86% of denture wearers complain of food getting trapped under their dentures10
Poligrip fixative
  • Over 80% of denture wearers use regular toothpaste to clean their dentures12,13
  • Up to 63% of full denture wearers have biofilm and calculus on their dentures†14

In an observational study

Despite having a well-fitting denture, patients may struggle with denture performance and hygiene

Product formulation action

Discover the technologies powering the Poligrip & Polident range

Poligrip denture adhesivesPoligrip denture adhesives are formulated to help stabilize and secure dentures to maintain denture performance.15,16

Polident denture cleansersPolident denture cleansers contain four key ingredients, which work together to maintain denture hygiene while minimizing scratching.6,17

Discover the Denture Care range

Polident cleansers

Polident cleansers

Helping patients to keep their dentures clean every day.

Poligrip fixative

Poligrip adhesive

Helping patients to maintain denture performance every day.

Polident Pro Guard & Retainer

Polident Pro Guard & Retainer

Providing patients with a clean, fresh mouth guard or retainer

Polident Pro Partials range

Polident ProPartial range

Targets the risks associated with wearing removable partial dentures.

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